Best VR Gear Review

Virtual reality or VR has already become a mainstream form of entertainment that has breached the walls of gaming and is an integral part of other leisure activities, such as online gambling. No wonder more and more web-based casinos feature a virtual reality sibling. However, picking the right VR gear is not easy, especially considering the plethora of VR headsets that come with different kinds of hardware, experiences, and requirements. This review will try to shed some light to the required equipment, standalone, mobile or other, for mind-blowing endeavours.

Standalone VR Headsets

This is a relatively new category of VR gear, with Oculus Go and its successor Oculus Quest leading the game. Oculus Go and later models do not require a PC or smartphone to provide stellar user experiences, which is what makes them so noteworthy. Besides the affordable price, comfy fit, limited screen-door effect, and impressive visuals, they also deliver almost the same quality a tethered headset does. As for the Oculus Go content library, you may either pick the 64GB or 32GB version and have enough memory and enjoy more than 1,000 apps, movies, games, and other experiences. On the flip side, it sits heavy on the face and has slight leaks in the nose area. Nevertheless, on a full charge, it does provide a quick, easy, and fun way to get into the augmented reality world for more than 120 minutes. As for the recently released Oculus Quest, it offers six degrees of freedom tracking and some advanced PC-less, rift-like features that boost the overall experience over the roof.

Another model that is expected to transcend the wireless and wired space is HTC Vive Cosmos, which will probably make the virtual universe even more accessible. It features, two 1080p screens for an extra crisp image, two motion controllers that enable an incredibly immersive experience, and great room-scale tracking that allows you to use your legs to walk around a 18m2 space. For a much sharper screen and a unique sense of shadows and textures, though, you could consider the HTC Vive Pro, which comes with a nearly 80% improvement in dot-per-inch ratio compared to its predecessor (now 2880 x 1600 resolution); plus, built-in audio and nose guards that prevent light from disturbing your VR experience.

Best VR Gear for VR Games

Sony’s PlayStation VR is one of the best VR headsets for gamers that don’t want to spend a lot of money for a substantial gaming PC, which is a prerequisite with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. To run PS VR and enjoy its responsiveness and the reliability of its head-tracking, you only need a tad more than the PS4 console. The games selection available is also impressive. The only problem is that you have to purchase accessories separately, unlike others which can come in bundles, such as the PS Move Controllers and Camera.

Best Mobile VR Headset

Those owning a Samsung smartphone can definitely benefit from the Gear VR, a headset model that supports several Samsung phones, is lightweight and more streamlined than ever before, and has a motion controller that takes things to an upper level. Also, its USB-C connector can be plugged directly into your smartphone. Now, if you don’t own a Samsung but want to get into VR from an Android device without having to spend a lot of money on a VR headset and PC setup, the Google Daydream View is quite affordable and easy to use. Its controller makes navigation inside the VR world a breeze while its content has something for everybody; though, not extremely varied.

VR Casinos

Virtual Reality Casinos are, in many respects, pretty much like regular online casinos. The difference is that they use VR, which improves the overall gaming experience as it gives you full freedom to play in your private virtual room and relish 3D graphics and 360-degree video. Plus, you get to play with real money in a virtual environment that gives you the most realistic sensation.

Virtual reality has already been embraced by key players in the online gambling industry, including NetEnt and Microgaming. For that reason, the widespread adaptation of this technology by online casinos is only a matter of time. Besides making games interactive enabling real-time communication with live dealers and other players, which gives players a near real-life sensation, VR casinos can be customised to each individual player with the help of artificial intelligence and other advanced software. In other words, VR has come to bridge the gap between the atmosphere land and web-based casinos offer, with incredible versatility. Now that the technology is becoming mainstream and also more cost-effective than a few years back, it is possible to replicate the casino experience at the comfort of your home. Among the first VR casinos that came forward with a rich VR live casino games selection are Mr Green, Poker VR, and SlotsMillion, all of which feature online multiplayer poker and a variety of table games (mainly roulette and blackjack) and slots that can be played with a headset.

VR Casino Games

The advanced possibilities of VR casinos make the gaming process as realistic and exciting as it can be, with VR gaming platforms offering a wealth of 2D and 3D casino games, great design, real casino sounds, and handy in-game chats. Not to mention the improved bonus systems of VR games, ranging from free spins to bonus money offers that enable players to play enticing virtual slots and poker tournaments more than they expected.

To get the full VR experience, you will need a user-friendly VR gear, such as the Oculus Rift goggles. However, you can also play in a virtual reality online casino without VR gear. In this case, you will still have a nice adventure, but you won’t be able to take in the full spectrum of possibilities VR opens up for you or the fab effect of this advanced technology. Besides a headset, you may also need a gaming or keypad controller that will go with your mobile or computer device. Check out the system requirements of your provider to determine what terms you need to meet. For instance, you can use the Samsung Gear VR with Poker VR casino, while SlotsMilion needs Windows 7 or 8 to run seamlessly.

Among the most commonly asked question users ask is whether their gaming is private when using the technology. The great thing with this immersive experience is that nobody can see what is on your screen; they only view your avatar within the VR casino. So, details, like whether you are losing or winning or how much money you have in a game (or wager) are strictly for your eyes only. The only exception is in some VR platforms that feature a multiplayer mode (i.e., Poker VR), where you play against other players. But then again, they cannot see anything past your action in the casino; so, in reality, you do maintain your privacy no matter what.

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