Why Play VR Roulette?

Online gaming has always been seen as one of the best and most efficient (if not THE most efficient) ways to play roulette. The favourite casino game counting a loyal following of millions of online table games’ fans has become more interactive over the years, enabling players to dive into live dealer casino games and engage in a variety of roulette variants with leading croupiers in the online gaming world.

The gaming experience has advanced to a higher level, considering that croupiers now have the ability to communicate with you as you play, leaving you with a more realistic feel than ever before. Before the breakthrough of virtual reality, you could play American, European, French, and even multi-wheel Roulette in specially designed online interfaces that provided near real-life settings. The iGaming world, though, is starting to embrace virtual reality and welcomes VR casinos which come forward with VR games and experiences that are far more interesting and immersive than ever before. That is great news for online roulette lovers too, who can enjoy every moment of their VR roulette-playing adventure from the comfort of their home while satisfying their senses with an experience that feels very much like the real thing.

The VR Roulette Experience

The new virtual reality technology has enabled the developers to find innovative solutions to please those who are into live games, as well as attract the interest of players that are not so fond of this type of casino games and prefer to stick with either brick-and-mortar or regular online casino experiences. With VR, you can now play live roulette and enter a 360 gaming world with the use of a virtual reality visor that delivers the same sensation as walking into a land-based casino, choosing a roulette table to play, and facing the dealer as he or she spins the wheel. And, to increase the realism of the game, developers enable players to move within the online platforms.

Another exciting aspect of the virtual reality roulette adventure is the fact that the setting can be extremely creative and thrilling. For example, you may find yourself in a virtual casino environment that looks exactly like a land-based casino, with live human dealers and all the standard casino specifics, but you could also end up in a roulette table in outer space, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy an extra-terrestrial endeavour.

How to play VR Roulette

To play VR roulette, you will need a VR headset and a motion controller (or your keyboard) that will track your hand movements and then project them into the 3D world. There are many different VR headsets and motion controller models as we speak, but the technology that powers them produces better versions with the speed of a bullet. For instance, Microgaming harnesses the power of the Leap Motion 3D Controller and the Oculus RIFT DK 2 headset at the moment. However, Oculus has already upped their game with Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, and Oculus Rift S VR headsets, each offering something new and startling to the overall iGaming experience.

Once you have properly placed and activated the VR headset, you are taken to a virtual space where a friendly dealer (or a robot, in Microgaming’s case) greets you. The dealer then does everything you would expect from a human dealer at a brick-and-mortar casino, from spinning the wheel to calling bets. You, on the other hand, can see the shape of your hands and watch them as they interact with the surroundings or move to place bets. Plus, you get to savour top quality audio and visual effects and premium lighting, alongside constantly-changing, dynamic movements – part of the games developers’ attempt to surround your entire scope of vision by the best possible iGaming experience.

Note that it might be required to use headphones too in order to minimise outside noise. However, VR headset developers are focusing on creating pieces that allow for almost total outside noise exclusion. As for the rules and game-play, a standard European roulette layout is featured at the time being. Nevertheless, more versions of this table game are expected to be presented in the near future as well.

VR Casinos

An increasing number of online casinos are providing a virtual reality version of players’ most favourite games, roulette included. Now, if you play purely for the fun of it and for entertainment only, virtual tables are probably the game of choice. For now, this assumption is based on the fact that virtual games allow for slightly greater speed, but the technology is quickly catching up.

One of the first VR casinos has designed a 3D glass-free screen and features a virtual wheel that you can spin by simply moving your head. As more players enter this virtual reality game, more features and functions will become available for sure.

Where virtual casinos differ from their online counterparts is primarily in the graphics that are being used. Compared to the frame rate of regular video games, a VR setting produces high-resolution imagery at a much higher frame rate as a means to keep latency to a minimum account. This means that you won’t experience any lag when you move your head, which, consequently, alters your field of view. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Virtual reality casinos also give you the chance to play VR roulette with other gamblers in real time and interact with them via functionalities, such as voice and live chat.

Given that besides slots and blackjack, roulette is the most popular casino game at virtual reality casinos, especially among high rollers, it comes as no surprise that the black and red segmented wheel of chance is given a new spin, enabling fans of the kind to actually step right into the game.

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